About the Foundation

Based in Pittsburgh, the Shadyside Hospital Foundation is a non-profit organization whose mission is to support the groundbreaking advancements in medicine and hospital operations taking place every day at Shadyside Hospital.

Through a collaborative partnership fifty years in the making, the Shadyside Hospital Foundation exists to support the goals of UPMC Shadyside, ensuring that Shadyside is the hospital of choice for patients, families, and clinicians.

President of UPMC ShadySide

Sandy Rader

"Something that is never in short supply here at Shadyside Hospital is innovation. We have a multitude of ideas and initiatives from some of the most brilliant and talented people working in healthcare to improve the experience of those we serve. We are fortunate and blessed that the Shadyside Hospital Foundation brings so many groundbreaking ideas to life, making impactful change in healthcare for the benefit of those we serve and those who serve our patients and families here at Shadyside Hospital."

Executive Director of Shadyside Hospital Foundation

Jennifer March

"I am at once humbled and honored to serve our patient and family community in a way that addresses many of the challenges faced by individuals in and around the region and beyond. By honoring our donors and stewarding their generous gifts to the Foundation, I am privileged to further the Foundation’s Commitment to Shadyside Hospital, ensuring that our patient and employee experience is always priority number one.”

We Do

The Foundation offers an annual granting program, allowing anyone affiliated with Shadyside Hospital to submit a request for funding of their program; existing or proposed. A Grant Committee of the Foundation, with the utmost integrity, transparency and honesty, carefully examines approximately fifty proposals annually, and awards a number of grants each year to programs that fit within its goals and objectives, totaling roughly $1M.

Why Support Us

By supporting the Shadyside Hospital Foundation, you can be certain that you are an integral part of the world-class healthcare delivery happening at Shadyside Hospital in a way that is uniquely ours.

It is the support of members of the community that allows Shadyside Hospital Foundation to be the integral partner that it is to Shadyside Hospital, enabling the delivery of world-class care, with a community feel, to its patients and families.

Donate Now

Your donation will be stewarded by the Foundation to support innovation that improves the patient and employee experience at Shadyside Hospital.

a few recent grants enabled


The advancement of medical research from ideas to trial treatments for cancer patients, with promising results that are expected to improve cancer patient outcomes.


The implementation of technology that tracks the location of wheelchairs so that our Transport Teams and Patients aren’t delayed in getting where they need to be in the hospital.


A continued focus on food insecurity in our community through an efficient social determinant protocol along with the distribution of food boxes to families seeking care at the Shadyside Family Health Center.
Extending the Healthy Breakfast Program at Family House to 7 days a week, ensuring that patients and their families are provided a healthy meal before spending a long day at the Hospital