About the Foundation

The Shadyside Hospital Foundation is an independent, volunteer-led organization that supports and inspires world-class care for every patient at UPMC Shadyside.

Louise R. Brown, Executive Director, and Torrence M. Hunt, Jr., Chairperson

Welcome to the Shadyside Hospital Foundation

Torrence M. Hunt, Jr., Chairperson, and Louise R. Brown, Executive Director

A warm welcome to our website, where we invite you to discover how Pittsburgh’s premier hospital foundation and our generous donors enhance every patient’s experience at UPMC Shadyside, one of the outstanding hospitals in the nation. Since 1975 our volunteer board has successfully stewarded the gifts of generous donors, putting their dollars to work to help create a world-renowned hospital that makes our community strong. Supporting projects for quality care, education, and research that lie beyond the hospital’s normal operating budget, the Shadyside Hospital Foundation changes lives. We thank all those who bring our vision to life, and the UPMC Shadyside physicians, nurses, staff, and administration who work with such commitment and innovation for every patient. And we urge you to make a gift now to the Foundation, where your generosity will go to work for world-class care for you, your family … and all those who turn to a great hospital in times of need.

Shadyside Hospital Foundation Board of Directors

  • Officers
  • Torrence M. Hunt, Jr.
  • H. Vaughn Blaxter III
    Vice Chair
  • Mark J. Laskow
    Vice Chair
  • Mikell Cooper Schenck
    Vice Chair
  • Nancy B. Foster
  • W. Craig Esterly
    Assistant Treasurer/ Secretary
  • Louise R. Brown


  • Board Members
  • Lawrence N. Adler, M.D.
  • Vijay K. Bahl, M.D.
  • Caroline D. Barmen
  • William W. Barrington, M.D.
  • Dorothy B. Beckwith
  • G. Nicholas Beckwith III
  • Bonnie Blaxter
  • H. Vaughan Blaxter III
  • Courtney B. Borntraeger
  • Mary Brignano
  • Yvette L. Broadnax, M.D.
  • Louise R. Brown
  • A. H. Burchfield III
  • Robert B. Challinor, M.D.
  • William M. Cooper III
  • Patricia M. Duggan
  • W. Craig Esterly
  • Paul Euwer, Jr.
  • Steven Evans, M.D.
  • Nancy C. Fales
  • Sheila R. Fine
  • Nancy B. Foster
  • Mona N. Generett, Ph.D.
  • Robin Girdhar, M.D.
  • James A. Gleason, M.D.
  • Clinton E. Guyaux
  • Nina Fisher Hamilton
  • John F. Hensler
  • James F. Hilliard
  • Torrence M. Hunt, Jr.
  • Leo A. Keevican, Jr.
  • Joan Kenney
  • Donna L. Knupp, M.D.
  • Mark J. Laskow
  • Louis E. Leff, M.D., MACP
  • *Kate W. MacVean
  • Charles V. Masterson III
  • Jennifer Gonzales McComb, M.D., MPH
  • W. Duff McCrady
  • John McSorley III, M.D.
  • Mark W. Meyer, M.D.
  • Cooper Schenck Munroe
  • Jennifer J. Muse
  • Joel B. Nelson, M.D.
  • Richard A. Pagliari
  • James Pingpank, M.D.
  • Daniel W. Pituch, DMD, M.D.
  • Sandra L. Rader
  • William M. Robinson
  • Fred H. Rubin, M.D.
  • John A. Rudolf
  • Blake L. Ruttenberg
  • Mikell Cooper Schenck
  • Mark A. Studer
  • William M. Swartz, M.D.
  • Joseph C. Walton
  • W. Dennis Zerega, Ed.D.
  • David S. Zorub, M.D.

*Director Emerita


  • Ex-Officio Members
  • Yvette L. Broadnax, MD
  • Joan Kenney
  • Sandra L. Rader


  • UPMC Shadyside Auxiliary
  • Suzanne Karlovich
  • Joan Kenney
  • Louise R. Brown

    Executive Director
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  • Margaret J. Laughlin

    Foundation Manager
    email hidden; JavaScript is required
  • Rebecca Gruseck

    Project Analyst
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A Message from the President of UPMC

"We are incredibly fortunate to have the Shadyside Hospital Foundation. I thank all the generous donors for supporting and advancing so many innovations that make our hospital exceptional."

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