The VOICE of UPMC Shadyside Winter 2018

A Taste of Tomorrow: “I could have thought I was in a resort”

In addition to constructing a new tower and ambulatory building, UPMC Shadyside is remodeling the entire hospital to make every room a private room.

Patients already are experiencing a taste of this future in the new rooms on the 3 West orthopaedic unit. A multidisciplinary team of staff collaborated on ideas for the rooms, and the result is an innovative environment that focuses on pleasing both patients and staff.

Unit director Deborah Kosky, BSN, RN, MBA, is thrilled about what people are

saying. “From the moment they get off the elevator, patients and families feel it’s like a hotel,” she says. “I hear words like ‘amazing.’ ‘Quiet.’ ‘Bright.’ ‘Welcoming.’ ‘I could have thought I was in a resort.’

“One of our nurses told me, ‘I wake up every day and can’t wait to get to work.’”

New Room Features

  • The rooms are large (275 to 300 square feet), well organized, and comfortable for patients. All rooms have natural light.
  • The design maximizes infection control and minimizes patient disturbance.
  • Each room has an easily accessible sink at the entry and differentiated door patterns that show where visitors need to stop in order not to spread germs.
  • Custom-made cabinets can be opened from both the hallway and inside the room, enabling meals, medications, and most common supplies to be delivered, and trash and food trays to be removed, without anyone entering the room and possibly disturbing patients who are resting.
  • High-tech surfaces that resist contamination make cleaning easier.
  • With nursing pods replacing a centralized nursing station, nurses are closer to their patients, and there is less noise. In fact, patient satisfaction about “quietness of hospital environment” has increased by more than 50 percentage points thanks to sound-absorbing materials used in the design.
  • Each room has comfortable seating areas for families and visitors, and a couch that converts to a bed if families want to stay overnight.
  • Rubberized floors reduce nurses’ physical stress.“Walking on that floor, you just feel like a different person,” says Ms. Kosky.
  • 43-inch, flat-screen TVs display medical information along with entertainment. One patient even invited his buddies in to watch a Pens game!
  • Bluetooth connections as well as mobile and tablet charging stations keep patients connected.
  • Each room has a personal safe for patients’ valuables.
  • The bathrooms are exceptionally large, accessible by wheelchair and walker, and have both sliding and folding doors.
  • There is a direct line of sight between the bed and the bathroom. Research shows this design can help prevent falls.